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Industrial Support

We have done a number of jobs both big and small to support our industrial customers in this area.  We can arrange pick up and delivery.  We have a number of subcontractors we can call upon to extend our capabilities.

  Sheet metal fabrication: steel, aluminum - shearing and bending to 8 feet in length
Welding: MIG/TIG - steel, aluminum, stainless steel, most exotic metals
  Tube Bending: 1 inch to 2-3/4 inch, mild steel, DOM, Cromolly
  Plasma cutting:  

Steel, aluminum up to 1/2 inch

  Plate bending: 90 ton press

3/16 inch to 4 feet long
1/8 inch to 8 feet long

  CAD design: Solid Works - we have a number of vendors that can cut from Solid Works output with CNC Mills, Laser, Water Jet or Plasma torch.

Water heater for a boat.  11 gauge stainless plate, all fitting

Fuel tanks - aluminum, steel, stainless steel, any size to 700 gallons

Pickup bed - 2 x 4 frame with aluminum diamond plate

Fixture for duplicating a wing on a fixed wing aircraft

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