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6100/Trophy Truck

6100/Trophy Truck

In 2016 we had the opportunity to design and build this Spec/TT for a customer. The chassis and suspension was completely designed with CAD in house. Here it is in Glamis Thanksgiving 2020.

Chassis: Nichols Fab Tube Frame
Weight: 5200’ish
Wheelbase: 128”

Width: 96"
Engine: LS3
Cooling: CBM
Exhaust: SS, MagnaFlow mufflers
Transmission: Reid 400 case
Brakes: Jamar TT/6x6.5
Fuel Cell: Harmon 50 gals
Tires: BFGoodrich 37×12.50-17
Wheels: Race Line
Body: Glass Works/Kolt
Front Suspension: Nichols Fab 26” travel
Rear Suspension: Nichols Fab 30” travel
Rear Housing: Nichols Fab custom
Shocks: ADS 4.0 bypass / 2.5 Coil Over
Electronics: Race Pac
Lights: Baja Designs
Communication: Kenwood
Seats: Sparco
Safety: First

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